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Transformational mentoring toward resilience, 
pleasure, and dream realization.

Who We Are

We are partners in life and work who adore each other... and adore nurturing more

pleasure and purpose in our clients.

Unlike most coaches and consultants, we don't come from an expert perspective.

We believe fundamentally in seeing and listening to the authentic self that is emerging 

in each individual. This goes also for the collective vision in families, communities and

organizations. Essential for both individuals and organizations, is the development of core

mission and purpose so that each can contribute and influence in their own unique and

authentic ways. 


As practitioners of tantra, we focus on different levels of pleasure. We find it far easier to

create experiences of change and transformation by focusing on where people want to

go rather than where they are coming from. We only go into the past -- and we do go into

the past -- when we experience resistance. Resistance, for most people, is familiar and

enculturated patterns, in which we have lost our sense of authentic self. This is a

disconnect between Ego and Soul.

We do our work, mentoring, by questioning, provoking, and listening and seeing deeply. We always try to have a sense of humor about ourselves and the world around us. We have very specific tools to catalyze this transformation. Tools that allow people to experiment physically, emotionally, socially, and spiritually. Each of us is experienced and gifted with different sets of tools.

We believe that every action and thought that a human being takes is an experiment. We believe that doing the same things over and over and expecting different results is the best definition of insanity. We believe perfectionism is a bummer. We believe that often, if not always, the antidote to anxiety, depression, stress, and suffering is pleasure and presence

Welcome to our world. Will you join us?

Erik Mutén, MFA, PsyD.

Erik has spent his adult life participating in, designing, and leading transformational experiences.


He loves designing tools for transformation towards resilience. These include: taking groups of adolescents into the wilderness of Nova Scotia, over 30,000 hours working with individuals, couples, and families. Erik has also designed and led interactive transformational events for leaders of some of the world's biggest corporations including IBM and CIBC Bank.

His work is informed by over 35 years of study and practice as a psychologist, theater director, and organizational consultant.

Erik is KMG's quant. He loves measurement, data, and numbers. Throughout his career, he has identified tools and processes that make "the invisible visible," tools that shift awareness and nurture transformation.

Erik went to college for entirely too long. He has a Masters of Fine Arts in Stage Direction from Southern Methodist University and a Doctorate in Clinical Psychology from the Virginia Consortium. After attending Phillips Exeter Academy, he fled the Ivy, went to Antioch College and graduated from Reed College.


Erik lives off the grid with his sweetheart, Amelia Sunyata the Connecticut River the banks of the Sawmill River... surrounded by mixed forest... and deer, bear, turkeys, otter, owls and a blue heron.


He spends over half of his time deeply immersed in the natural world. It is from this quiet place and quieter mental space that Erik receives the visions he needs to act upon. 

Why Amelia loves working with Erik:

     "Erik is a fierce and tender warrior. He is a visionary, a master of 'flow' and a manifester. He loves bringing beautiful things to life. Having Erik on your team is like having a whole love army... at your back and by your side."

Amelia Perkins, MA, MTS

Amelia has sought out, and now mentors, transformational experiences. 

She is passionate about mentoring people to live their unique manifestation of the divine and to grow through pleasure. She says, "After many years of ravenous personal development, one of the secrets I've uncovered is this: sometimes the best growth comes not through battling our way to wholeness, but rather through the path of tenderness and pleasure..."

Amelia offers Soul Dives, Women's Workshops, and Couples Workshops. For more information on these offerings, visit


She has had many influences. She has studied with a Sufi healer, who helps to untangle karmic knots. She has re-grown-herself-up at the Wright Foundation. She has studied tantra, the importance of inner marriage, erotic partnership, and methods of catharsis and release at Shalom Mountain Retreat Center. She lived for 18 months in an Eastern Orthodox Monastery, living like a novice nun, and studying the doctrine of deification, where a person becomes more and more like God through prayer.

Amelia worked for ten years in the interreligious movement with religious and spiritual leaders around the world. She began this path at the Harvard Center for the Study of World Religions and the Museum of World Religions in Taiwan, then put on art shows with Buddhist nuns in New York City, then worked for the Council for a Parliament of the World’s Religions in Chicago and Melbourne.​


Amelia has a Masters of Transformational Leadership and Coaching from Wright Graduate University and a Masters of Theological Studies from Harvard Divinity School. She is trained in the Respectful Confrontation Method through the Weston Network. She is also a certified in Cultural Transformation Tools and Evolutionary Coaching through the Barrett Values Centre in England.

She’s been published in The Harvard Divinity School BulletinCanadian Journal of Psychoanalysis, and Dirty Words: A Literary Encyclopedia of Sex.


In 2017, Amelia dispossessed herself of 80% of her worldly belongings and moved from Chicago to Western Massachusetts to live off the grid, simply and beautifully, with Erik, her Beloved.

Why Erik loves working with Amelia:

     "Amelia is radiant. She has one of the most sensitive instrument panels for relationships on the planet. She embodies the feminine and her capacity to receive pleasure and inspire it in others is a gift. She's playful, funny, brilliant... and a truth-teller."

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