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A central question
that we begin with is...
What is the story
of your life and what do you want it to be?

Working and Playing Together

We are looking for clients willing to be agents in their own transformation. Clients willing to work through their 'familiar patterns', societal enculturation, addictions, and resistance. We work best with clients willing to risk trying new experiments in life and living... despite fear. Clients, who want to act out of love for themselves and those around them.

We will accompany you through whatever depths you encounter.

These are the steps we tend to follow:

Brief Phone Call:

We have to know if KMG and the services we provide are a good match with the needs and expectations of our Clients. This starts with a brief phone, Skype or FaceTime conversation with Erik or Amelia. You can call 413-336-7685 or email to set up this brief conversation to see if we move to the Intake Session.

Intake Session:

An intake session occurs with Erik or Amelia. During this session, we all get to ask questions, hopefully deep questions. We will be looking for matching of your needs and desires with our particular skillsets. We know what we are skilled at. We have a sense of who we want to work with and the Transformation Tools we may be thinking of using with your unique situation. We tailor everything we do to the specific needs of our Clients. We are very direct and truthful in our responses to what we see and hear. We won't work with you if we don't sense that it is a good fit. 

Towards the end of the Intake Session, if it looks like we have essential agreement on fit, we will begin to explore the next steps and the range of costs involved.

The cost of an Intake Session is $250 paid in advance. We are willing to discount this fee for certain individuals. This fee reduction must be discussed in the Brief Phone Call. 

Assessment Phase:

Although we tailor our work to each individual, every person, couple, family or organization goes through the Assessment Phase. For an overview, we focus on The Mentoring Wheel: your world today.









As mentors, we assume that you are the agent in your life.


We create a space where you can look at what you need for yourself and your family, community, or organization. We examine the existing habits and beliefs that have brought you to the present moment and explore the habits/obstacles/barriers to being your most authentic self, living your mission... doing your 'work' in the world. We also look at and reframe the incentives and rationale for change and transformation.

We use many tools and methods of assessment. Some are designed for individuals. Some are designed for couples, families or organizations. We use these tools to develop a sense and an ability to reflect where you are in the present, where you have been, your familial/familiar patterns and the conscious and unconscious cultures of families and organizations.

From this we develop...

The 8 Forms of Capital Strategic Plan

Focusing action and experiential investment in (where appropriate and desired):

  • Financial Capital.... money in and money out

  • Material Capital.... what you physically own or your possessions

  • Intellectual Capital... what you know and carry in your brain

  • Experiential Capital.... what you can do and want to do

  • Social Capital​.... your connection with people...                                                                                          intimate

  • Living Capital... the health of your body and health and your access to living things...natural resources

  • Cultural Capital....the deep beliefs and practices of your local and world-wide family & community

  • Spiritual Capital....why you are here on this planet...what is the meaning of your life

and the most precious...

  • Temporal Capital... how do you use and plan to use your limited time on this planet in your body... with your agent...connecting with your Soul? How's it going? Are you liking the story of your life? You are writing the script. Want to change it..... a little... if so.... what?.... when?... how?.... where?

The cost of the Assessment and Planning Stages start at $1,000.


Pause for Reflection (essential for transformation):

Even if the Client gets this far.... it's a lot. Typically the Assessment & Planning Stages are in and of themselves.... transformational.

At Kailo Mentoring Group, we are prepared to stop at any time. We don't assume that our Clients will necessarily want to continue.... for a variety of reasons. We try and engage with our Clients in each encounter as if it might be our last. We are looking for people who resonate with who we are and what we do... and on our side, we want to think and feel that the relationship will be transformational, that our clients are willing to leap into new experiences.

The Experiential Phase of Mentoring:

This might include individual 45 minute Mentoring Sessions. We may recommend that you attend retreats or workshops to support your transformation, such as mindfulness and self-compassion training, martial arts, experiences in nature, travel, education, one-off experimental encounters, art, writing, practicing fearlessness, buying things, breaking or burning things, making things, doing 'shows'.... all designed to reveal who you really are.... your authentic & unique Soul-connected Self.

For Families, Communities and Organizations, we are typically designing Meetings, Events, even... Ceremonies. 

Measurement & Assessment are Ongoing:

Whatever the Plan... we are assessing progress towards Goals.... all the time.

Frequency of Meeting or Engagement:

This depends on the needs of the Client and the availability of the Mentor. Typically, we meet in person or on Skype weekly for the first 6-12 weeks. After that, meeting frequency is individualized and negotiated.

The cost of our 'meetings' ranges from $125/hr to $4,000/day... depending on the financial resources of the client and the services we are providing. At KMG we strive to construct clear, fair, and mutually beneficial agreements.

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