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A central question
that we begin with is...
What is the story
of your life and what do you want it to be?
We work with individuals, couples, families, communities and organizations.

We work best with clients willing to be agents in their own transformation. Clients willing to work through their 'familiar patterns', societal enculturation, addictions, and resistance. Clients willing to risk trying new experiments in life and living... despite fear. Clients, who want to act out of love for themselves and those around them.


We will accompany you through whatever depths you encounter.

With every client or client group we do an intake session to see if our vision and skills match the needs of the client or the client group or organization.... and vice versa.  We then describe next steps, which inevitably involve assessment with our tools for transformation.
Each client is unique. We use different tools depending on the goals and needs of the client. Our vision of our work and play together is to increase the alignment of behavior and habits with the emergence of the Authentic Self (Soul). Our vision is also to mentor resilience in a rapidly changing world. 
Contemplate the diagram below. How close is the current story of your life, the life of your family or your organization to the center of the diagram? We believe that the closer you are to the center, the more your Ego is aligned with your Soul.

Who We Serve


We are looking for clients who want to expand their consciousness, change their habits, connect with others in new ways, and increase their agency  towards greater positive influence in the world.

Our desire is to mentor the client towards being their Unique or Authentic Self.....integrating Ego and Soul. Some of the focal points of our work together might include:

- Personal, Family & Community Resilience

- Finding your Voice and your Flow

- Getting Grounded and Centered

- Facing Health Issues

- Personal and Work Relationships

- Developing Emotional Intelligence

  •   Knowing Yourself

  •   Managing Yourself

  •   Knowing Others

  •   Managing Your Relationships with Others

  •   Motivating Yourself 

-Exploring more ways to experience Pleasure

- Specific Ways to Live  Authentically 

- Experiments and Experiences to Discover or Refine your Mission and Purpose

Erik and Amelia are passionate about supporting couples.


They practice Tantra. Everything is an experiment in the eternal dance of Masculine and Feminine Qualities and Energies. Amelia and Erik orient towards the many levels of Pleasure... from interaction with Nature and the Senses to doing authentic work and play in the larger world as one's Authentic Self.

They bring truth, play, humor and fun experimentation to their mentoring.


Potential areas of experimentation might be:


- Conscious Coupling


- Creating a Shared Story and Purpose


- Pathways to Pleasure

- Erotic Partnership

- Respectful Confrontation (See Tools)

- Transforming Shame into Pleasure

- Tantra & Sacred Sexuality

- Assessing Key Relationship Dynamics and 'familiar patterns'

- More Efficiency in Dealing with Triggers

- Using Role Play and Parts Work to transform historic trauma patterns

Leadership in Organizations

KMG works with leaders or people who are called to be leaders. 

KMG wants to work with evolutionary/revolutionary leaders who "walk the talk". In alliance with DramaWorks InterActive and Corporate Transformation Tools, KMG has the capacity to serve as a catalyst for considerable organizational transformation if leadership is willing to do the necessary internal 'work' and practice truth, transparency and credibility. 

Focus Areas might include:


- Vision & Mission Alignment with Human Behavior


- Organizational Values Alignment 

- Transformational Leadership Strategies

- Deep or Archetypal Branding

- Deep Accountability... Walking the Talk

- Respectful Confrontation 

-Emotional Intelligence in Organizations

We love mentoring people to manifest their beautiful ideas. We also feel strongly that the more inner work an entrepreneur has done, the more likely this entrepreneur will be able to create a product and organizational culture that is successful and resilient.

Potential focus areas include:


-Connecting Passion & Purpose 

- the Inner Journey of the Resilient  Entreprener


- KMG's Entrepreneurial Community & the Entrepreneurial Urge Group


- Archetypal Branding


- the Resilient Entrepreneur

- Utilizing Creativity​


-Opportunity Analysis & Creating Action Game Plans

Families of Wealth

Financial Wealth without mentoring in Resilience and Character Development can lead to disability and profound unhappiness.


Erik's father, a serial entrepreneur, made his first million dollars when Erik was 8 in 1962. That was when a million dollars wasn't 'chump change'.  Erik moved into

a mansion and a very elite world. He has a number of perspectives on this.

Mentoring might center on:

- Developing Resilient Individuals, Families, and Family Offices

- Mission, Values, and Value Alignment for Individuals & Families and Family Offices

- 8 Forms of Capital Strategic Life Planning for Individuals & Families

- Preparing Inheritors for the burdens and blessings of Financial Wealth

- Deep Accountability

- Respectful Confrontation 

- Dealing with the terror of loss of wealth or being cut out of the will

- Supporting Unique Self Expression versus living the Dreams of Others

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