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Calling all
Cultural Alchemists...

CTT Practitioner Training

A 4-day accreditation program

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Northampton MA, US 

29 Sept - 2 Oct 2018

Barrett Values Centre (

provides powerful metrics to support leaders in building values-driven organisations and values-driven societies.


Measuring What Matters

Leaders typically measure and manage outputs and outcomes.  Outputs and outcomes are tangible and relatively

easy to measure.  Beneath the surface lie our values and beliefs – the components of your culture that make a real difference between success and failure.


The Cultural Transformation Tools (CTT) 

are among the most detailed and comprehensive cultural diagnostics

commercially available to leaders, consultants, and coaches. By mapping

your values to the Seven Levels of Consciousness Model and the Business

Needs Scorecard, you will be able to measure and manage your culture.

What you measure, you can manage more effectively.


CTT surveys 

  • provide the input you need to plan, shape and manage your:

  • change initiatives

  • cultural transformation programmes 

  • diversity interventions

  • talent management

  • leadership development initiatives

  • customer feedback. 


They make the intangibles tangible and provide lead indicators for measure individual and collective performance. The CTT survey instruments have been used to map the values of all types of organizations, as well as nations, communities and schools.


The Barrett Model 

does not set out a fixed pattern of culture effectiveness, instead it provides a more

open framework which creates a dialogue for unique circumstances, rather than

fitting into a pre-determined model of good.


CTT Practitioner Programme

Leaders, coaches and consultants can become skilled in 

using the CTT values assessments by completing the CTT Practitioner. This four-day accreditation training is designed to make participants conscious, confident and competent about the Cultural Transformation Tools and to explore practical applications for working with the results of the values assessments.



  • Provides leaders with a way of managing the cultural evolution of their organisation as they would manage their finances.

  • The results can generate deep meaningful conversations 

  • about the purpose and strategy of the organisation and the well-being of all stakeholders.

  • Provides a road map for achieving high performance, resilience, and long-term sustainability.

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Course Details

Duration: 26 teaching hours in a four-day non-residential course: Saturday till Tuesday from 9 to 5 (first day starting at 9.30am and last day ending at 4.30pm)

Costs: $2,300 USD*

* This price represents a 50% discount on the usual cost of a CTT Certification. This special price is the result of a special co-organization with Erik Muten, as well a desire to get this work out to educators, entrepreneurs and change-makers, who would normally not have access to this training.​

Enrollment: closes 3 weeks before the course begins, to allow time for IVA & LDR and pre-course reading. 


CTT Facilitator

Patrik Somers Stephenson
Patrik is values consultant and
leadership & culture facilitator.
He supplements his values work
with Lego Serious Play,
Neurocognitivism and systemic
constellation work. Patrik is
creator of Evolutionary Coaching
training and partner of Barrett
Values Centre.


In collaboration with

Erik Muten

Erik is a clinical psychologist, organizational consultant, and designer

of transformational events through the Kailo Mentoring Group and

DramaWorks InterActive. He took the CTT training with Richard Barrett

over 20 years ago…and has used it ever since. He loves this work and the

community of soulful people around the world that this work brings together.

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Information and registration, please contact:


Erik Muten: or 413-537-2475 (call or text)


Patrik Somers Stephenson:

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