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Kailo means...whole, healthy, holy,
sacred, of good omen...

Key Definitions and Ideas


The Socratic method of listening and seeing deeply and asking questions about the Present and the Future allowing our clients to become the agents of their own learning and transformation.


Kailo is an indo-European word meaning "whole, uninjured, of good omen.” Kailo is the source also of Old English hal "whole;" Old Norse heill "healthy;" Old Norse helge "holy, sacred;" Old English hælan "to heal".


  • Everything Is An Experiment.... there are no right or wrong answers

  • As Within, So Without.... external reality reflects your inner consciousness

  • Inner Marriage... this is the 'Dance' of the Masculine & Feminine within us, which is reflected in our relationships

  • Multiple Realities... we can play on many levels including the Personal, Archetypal, and Magical

  • Tapas & Spanda... creating a container & creative, living expression... the possibility to create something brand new

  • Ascending & Descending Energy... through the 7 Chakras

  • The Healing Power of Pleasure


Naked Soul is a way of relating to the universe in which you are in partnership with the universe. People who live in Naked Soul have realized independence but understand the interdependence of all existence.  They ask for help.  They have authentic intimacy. They speak their truth and share their evolving stories. They feel gratitude in the present moment.


In Naked Soul, the key polarity of attraction is authenticity and a willingness to be real and the courage to be vulnerable. Vulnerability reveals the power and beauty of your soul to yourself and to everyone else. 


Like the nakedness of the body is beautiful...also so very powerful ... invoking the attraction of a is the nakedness of the soul that turns the universe on... draws the universe to become your partner. 


This is the essence of what Rumi described as “One handed basket weaving.” It is a partnership with the universe where we weave with one hand and the universe weaves with the other. 

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