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Everything Is An Experiment
In Pursuit of The Healing Power
Of Pleasure

About Tantra

Some of the concepts we work with are the following:

  • Everything is an experiment – We often take life very seriously, feeling like we have to be perfect with every choice we make. When we can step out of our perfectionism, and into our curiousity, we find there is a lot more space to explore who we are and how we want to be in the world. In this way we are practicing the art of experimenting, rather than trying to do it right.


  • The inner marriage – Each one of us has masculine and feminine energies, represented in some ways by the desire to initiate and the need to receive.  When you experience and develop a relationship between your inner partners, your outter relationships come to reflect a new state of harmony, love, cooperation and passion.  


  • The healing power of pleasure – Although we pursue it in many arenas, pleasure is in fact the most difficult of all the emotions to allow ourselves to feel. When we allow it in, we learn that pleasure is in fact our birthright – we all long to love and be loved. When we open to the ecstatic joy of love, we can discover that the divine dwells within. There are many levels and layers to pleasure, it is not simply in the realm of the physical, but includes intimacy, service and enlightenment.

Everything Is An Experiment

As Within, So Without

Tapas & Spanda

Multiple Realities

Inner Marriage

Ascending & Descending Energy

The Healing Power of Pleasure

Areas of Expertise

Principles of Tantra

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