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External Partners

Richard Barrett – Erik started working with Richard 19 years ago after he had left the World Bank as Values Coordinator and began to create the Values Centre. Richard is brilliant. He is one of the world’s most renowned experts on values in individuals, organizations, and now even nations. Richard is a master at explaining and demonstrating how corporate culture effects the bottom line, or as he says, how to use measurement of soft issues to effect the hard bottom line.

Vyana Bergen and Cristian Graca are Amelia and Erik's teachers. They have many years of training in the art of loving and the esoteric practices of Tantra. They lead retreats and trainings at their home and temple, Tripura Sundari. Their retreats and workshops cover topics in personal growth and spiritual development including Tantric principles and Sacred Sexuality retreats.

Michael Burkhart - Erik has known Michael for almost 35 years. Michael is incredibly skilled in martial arts, in particular, the ancient Chinese forms of Bagwa. As a runaway priest, Michael has been an external consultant on diversity issues for organizations large and small. Michel is a spiritual warrior and confronts duplicity wherever he finds it.  He is deeply generous. He is an expert in inclusive and enlightened leadership practices.


Patrik Somers Stephenson is a values consultant and leadership & culture facilitator.He supplements his values work with Lego Serious Play, Neurocognitivism and systemic constellation work. Patrik is creator of Evolutionary Coaching training and partner of Barrett Values Centre. He is a dear soul and our favorite trainer for the Cultural Transformation Tools.


Martin Ucik is the author of two amazing books: Integral Relationships: a Manual for Men and Sex Purpose Love: Couples in Integral Relationships Creating a Better World.  His studies of Ken Wilber’s Integral Model allowed him to integrate his personal experiences as a divorced father and the wisdom from over 200 relationship books into these books. He is incredibly prolific and an amazing integrative thinker! Martin's writing on dimensions of Integral Relationships played a wonderful role as Amelia and Erik's relationship was first budding. He also has a weekly online discussion of relationships here:

Joe Weston – Joe Weston has a huge heart. He travels around the world to coach people on Respectful Confrontation in some of the most un-gentle places. Amelia and Erik spent considerable time with Joe in the past year and believe that his model of Respectful Confrontation is deep, heartful, and profoundly effective. Joe believes and teaches that you can’t have meaningful confrontation with words alone, you have to be embodied. All of his work is based on four key principles: grounding, focus, strength, and flexibility. Joe teaches people to be genuinely connected to their hearts and their own power. He does this with a highly embodied curriculum influenced by Buddhism, Doism and martial arts.

Neill Bovaird – Wolftree Programs

Chris Martenson & Peak Prosperity

Erik has known Chris and followed his work for over 10 years. Chris is Erik's 'brother' in an extended family sense. They have been in a Men's Group focusing on individual, family and community resilience, meeting bi-monthly for over 8 years.  Chris is a profound thinker and truth teller. He has a PhD in Pathology and an MBA. He is the author of Prosper!, an essential Tool used by KMG. He makes his Crash Course available to everyone. You can see his work at

John Wyrick – Amelia has known John for about fifteen years. He has been her teacher and friend. John is a Sufi healer, who assists people in untangling their karma. His ability to see is profund. A couple of hours with John can be a profound experience. He is particularly gifted at identifying patterns that no longer serve us. His perspective on Hungry Soul, Free Soul, and Naked Soul deeply influences our work at KMG.

DramaWorks InterActive is a group of extremely talented improvisational actors, who have learned and practiced a wide variety of technologies that can be used with live and virtual audiences and organizations to transform collective consciousness... the ancient tradition of the theatre... by making 'the invisible.. visible. 

DramaWorks has worked with some of the biggest corporations in the world as well as families, communities and non-profits.

Erik considers DramaWorks the most powerful tool in his 'Doctors Bag', especially when combined with the work of Richard Barrett.

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