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Transformational Retreats, Workshops, Ceremonies 

These workshops and retreats are close to our hearts. Each in their own way, they create containers for major shifts to occur. 

Shalom Mountain Retreat Center

Shalom Mountain is a retreat a center for exploring personal growth, relationships, love, the evolution of consciousness on the planet, and what it means to be fully alive. Amelia and Erik have been a part of the Shalom Community, attending  for 7 years and 12 years respectively, and Shalom is where they met and began to love each other.

Shalom Mountain has been a home-of-the-heart for thousands of people for 40 years. The Shalom process is cathartic, and a call to be conscious, loving, and fully alive.

Respectful Confrontation Workshops with Joe Weston

Respectful Confrontation workshops support participants to develop resilient power and generate fierce compassion in times of challenge and change.


Respectful Confrontation will shift and reframe your views on confrontation, assertiveness, and true power leading to greater self-confidence and peaceful interactions with others.

The combination of theory, dynamic exercises, martial arts principles and applicable life tools result in a noticeable shift in behavior, deeper insight into yourself, and an ease with tackling challenging situations with integrity and understanding. This is ultimately a very effective way to prevent and resolve conflict, as well as create a more civil, productive and resilient culture.

Animas Valley Institute

Animas Valley Institute provides “ceremonies” in the most gorgeous natural places around the country. Animas guides provide various avenues for descents into the human soul. Erik's experiences with Bill Plotkin and his partner, Geneen Haugen (poet and river guide) have been some of the most transformative experiences of his life. Bill Plotkin doesn’t do workshops; he does ceremonies. Here’s a taste of them: “We’ll live the question: If Earth is romancing us for her own purposes – very much the way the nectar lust of bees serves the desires of flowers – what wild child, what honey, will we create from this joining?”

Mankind Project

This international organization provides a remedial rite of passage for men. It serves as a powerful resource for men who are interested in the new macho.

DramaWorks InterActive is a group of extremely talented improvisational actors, who have learned and practiced a wide variety of technologies that can be used with live and virtual audiences and organizations to transform collective consciousness... the ancient tradition of the theatre... by making 'the invisible.. visible. 

DramaWorks has worked with some of the biggest corporations in the world as well as families, communities and non-profits.

Erik considers DramaWorks the most powerful tool in his 'Doctors Bag', especially when combined with the work of Richard Barrett.

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