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Supporting Leaders
to Build Values-Driven

Cultural Transformation Tools

The Cultural Transformation Tools (CTT) 

are among the most detailed and comprehensive cultural diagnostics commercially

available to leaders, consultants, and coaches. By mapping your values, you will be able

to measure and manage your culture. What you measure, you can manage more effectively.

These tools were developed by the Barrett Values Centre (

and provide powerful metrics to support leaders in building values-driven

organizations and values-driven societies.


Measuring What Matters

Leaders typically measure and manage outputs and outcomes.  Outputs and outcomes

are tangible and relatively easy to measure.  Beneath the surface lie our values and

beliefs – the components of your culture that make a real difference between success and failure.

CTT surveys 

They make the intangibles tangible and provide lead indicators for measuring individual and collective performance. The CTT survey instruments have been used to map the values of all types of organizations, as well as nations, communities and schools.


The Barrett Model 

does not set out a fixed pattern of culture effectiveness, instead it provides a more open

framework which creates a dialogue for unique circumstances, rather than fitting into

a pre-determined model of good.



  • Provides leaders with a way of managing the cultural evolution of their organization 

  • The results can generate deep meaningful conversations about the purpose and strategy                                   of the organization and the well-being of all stakeholders.

  • Provides a road map for achieving high performance, resilience, and long-term sustainability.

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CTT Practitioners

GFB Portrait- Annie.jpg

Annie Doran jump started her organizational development career right out of college by founding and directing a 501c3 non-profit that worked in Brazil with a women’s import/export artisan collective and ran educational exchanges with students and professionals in the U.S.. Since then, most of her work has been co-developing food systems programs in Maine, such as the Maine Network of Community Food Councils, a Community Food Council in Lewiston/Auburn, and The Good Food Bus. She has also directed food justice & leadership youth programs, mostly with youth who came to the States as refugees and asylum seekers. Annie has a Masters in Community Economic Development, a Bachelors in Early Childhood Education, and a certificate as a Cultural Transformation Tool practitioner: all which are used in her work to create spaces for communities, organizations, and people to grow into their best selves. Please contact through Linkedin:

Angie Gregory was an environmental community organizer before discovering her vocation in zero-waste diapering. Compelled to steward a healthy world for future generations she founded Simple Diaper & Linen in 2009 which ran until 2017. During her time growing a business and transforming it into a worker coop, she aided in the successful capital campaign for Grow Food Northampton. As the only hired staff alongside a volunteer board, they raised over $650K in nine months to procure 121 acres of farmland for an organic community farm and gardens in Northampton.  Angie was selected by the prestigious Valley Venture Mentors Accelerator Program in 2016 as a promising local entrepreneur and completed their accelerator program. She currently attends Smith College as an Ada Comstock Scholar studying Fine Art and Landscape Studies. Angie now works as a Cultural Transformation Tools (CTT) consultant for Barrett Values Center to help foster the transformation of corporations, agencies, and institutions through values-driven leadership. Please contact through LinkedIn:

angie_profile (1).jpg

Brian Coppola is a talented mechanical engineer with experience primarily in the defense industry.  During his time at QinetiQ North America, he worked with DARPA projects focused on armor systems and ordinance disposal.  While at L3 KEO, he led the mechanical design effort of both international and U.S. Navy Photonics systems through all project phases.  Research and development efforts through his career have led to being named as an inventor on four patents in the commercial and defense industries.  Brian aspires to be a better leader and to get the most from those he works with.  He is very interested in developing a workplace culture that leads to high performance project execution.  To that end, he has recently become at Cultural Transformation Tools (CTT) practitioner with the Barrett Values Centre.  Brian also has emerging interests in sustainability and bringing basic technologies to underdeveloped areas.  Brian can be reached at

Coppola KMG Photo.jpg
IMG_0712 (1).jpeg

Michael Burkart, Ed.D. has been consulting to managers and organizations since 1978. From 1990 until 2008, he was a diversity consultant with Elsie Y. Cross Associates, Inc., and Deltech. He has worked with the following clients on diversity projects: Shell Oil, Cigna,  Ortho Biotech, Kroger Foods,  First Union Bank,  Wachovia Bank,  National Park Service, Fleet Bank, Penske, Air Products & Chemicals, Bell Helicopter, and Cessna. As a member of the  Collaborations Group, Inc. team, he has worked with Trinity College, Albright College and Amherst College.  Michael also has wide experience consulting to organizations in the public and non-profit sectors.  These include the Federal Trade Commission,  EPA, USPS, public housing authorities, and various state agencies.  He spent three years working extensively with the senior management and boards of some 54 non-profit organizations.  His work with them focused on board development, strategic planning, and team development. You can reach Michael through Linkedin:

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Amelia Perkins is an evolutionary coach and mentor. Amelia’s background is mainly in religion, personal development, and the arts. She began her career at the Harvard Center for the Study of World Religions. She worked as director of special projects for the Council for a Parliament of the World’s Religions. During her four years with the Council, she worked on one of the world’s largest interfaith gatherings in Melbourne, Australia, which brought together over 6000 people from diverse religious and spiritual traditions. She has also curated interfaith art shows with Buddhist nuns in New York, and she has served as a creative advisor to an art salon in Brooklyn, which was conceived as a community laboratory for unleashing our most radically creative, bold and compassionate selves. Before co-founding Kailo Mentoring Group, she ran a program called The Year of Transformation at the Wright Foundation for the Realization of Human Potential. She has a particular passion for supporting conscious relationships. You can reach out to Amelia directly at or through Linkedin:

Amelia at Charney Manor.jpg

Erik Muten is a clinical psychologist, organizational consultant, and designer

of transformational events through the Kailo Mentoring Group and

DramaWorks InterActive. Erik has worked with a wide variety of organizations including IBM, CIBC Bank, Lucent Technologies, Harvard University. He has also worked with start-ups and community groups. He has particular expertise of working with families of exceptional financial wealth. Erik now works with many of his clients using the Twelve Forms of Capital. He took the Cultural Transformation Tools training with Richard Barrett over 20 years ago…and has used it ever since. He loves the community of soulful people from around the world that this work brings together.

Erik black and white crop.jpeg

For more information, please contact:


Erik Muten: or 413-537-2475 (call or text). Or reach out directly to any of our Cultural Transformation Tool Practitioners.

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