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Past Events

These workshops have already occurred. Please be in touch

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Taking Responsibility for Your Pleasure

Many women sacrifice their own pleasure

to serve others… and put the needs of others

before their own needs. This has a profound

effect on a woman’s relationship with herself,

her loved ones, and her community.


I have found that pleasure is a portal to  

connecting with soul, to purpose, to intuition. 

Self-care & pleasure are intimately tied to a woman’s ability to be her full, radiant, creative self…and show up with her unique gifts.


Join a small group of women for a four week journey into the all the magical things that unfold when a woman works through her blocks & prioritizes her pleasure.


with Amelia Perkins

What Makes Relationships Cook

We are teaming up with Martin Ucik, author of Integral Relationships:

a Manual for Men & Sex, Purpose, Love: Couples in Integral Relationships

Creating a Better World.  

This is a day long exploration of where you are going in your journey to

Love, Purpose, Sex, Connectedness, & Resilience.

Martin is one of the leading thinkers in Integral Relationships.

We adore him and are thrilled to be designing this workshop together.

We'll be exploring the many factors that contribute to conscious


Find out more by clicking here.

SEx Purpose Love.jpg

with Martin Ucik

CTT Practitioner Training

a four day certification program

with Patrik Somers Stephenson

The Barrett Values Centre ( provides powerful

metrics to support leaders in building values-driven organizations and

values-driven societies.


The Cultural Transformation Tools (CTT)  are among the most detailed

and comprehensive cultural diagnostics commercially available to leaders,

consultants, and coaches. By mapping your values to the Seven Levels of

Consciousness Model and the Business Needs Scorecard, you will be able to

measure and manage your culture. What you measure, you can manage

more effectively.

To meet some of our CTT Practitioners, click here.

CTT Facilitator: Patrik Somers Stephenson (

Patrik is values consultant and leadership & culture facilitator.He supplements his values work with Lego Serious Play, Neurocognitivism and systemic constellation work. Patrik is creator of Evolutionary Coaching training and partner of BarrettValues Centre.


Respectful Confrontation

A two-day workshop for developing resilient power and generating fierce compassion in times of challenge and change.


Joe Weston has given this workshop all over the world,

and is currently working with women's rights and other humanitarian organizations in the Middle East. He is committed to helping others embody their true power, overcome and prevent conflict, and supporting them on

their journey towards personal fulfillment and freedom.  


           Learn more about Joe Weston

with Joe Weston

Evolutionary Coaching

Personal Mastery Class

Evolutionary Coaching is a values-based approach to unleashing human



You will become conscious, competent, and confident in guiding your own

and others' personal transformation journey with Ego/Soul Dynamics in mind.

This workshop was led by Patrik Somers Stephenson in collaboration with

Kailo Mentoring Group.

For more information about Evolutionary Coaching, go to:

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