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Tantra & Tenderness

On hold for now. Drop us an email if you'd like to be on the mailing list to get info for when we can meet in person again!

Location: The State Room, Northampton, MA

Cost: $120 per couple/twosome

Relationships hold some of our greatest potential for self-knowledge, personal transformation, and pleasure. Needless to say, relationships also hold great potential for confusion, pain, and suffering. In this exploratory workshop, we will teach couples and singles techniques to manage triggers with more efficiency so as to spend more time in the transformative potential of presence, play, and flow. We’ll explore the healing power of pleasure, how to tap into a fuller range of ways of being in relationship, and techniques to create the conditions to allow for something new and creative to emerge. Come alone or with your partner to explore factors that contribute to conscious, juicy relationships.

We’re asking that people come with a friend or partner. The workshop will be very experiential. This ensures there will be an even number to do exercises. This person does not have to be your sweetie! The exercises will be juicy and insightful no matter what your relationship. If you don’t have anyone in mind, let us know and we may be able to pair you up with someone.

To sign up: Please write me or call to let me you are coming! We're also very happy to have a phone call to see if this is a good fit. And please pay in advance by check or card if you see us in the office or by Paypal at 

This experiential workshop will be led by Amelia Perkins and Erik Muten, partners in life and work, who believe it’s a radical act to love and be loved well.


Conscious Coupling - 

How to Make

Relationships Cook

Montreal, Quebec

(date TBD Fall 2022)

9:00am - 1:00pm

Join us in Montreal, Quebec, alone or with your partner to explore factors

that contribute to conscious, juicy relationships.

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Situation Lab: Practice Neutralizing Psychological Attacks

On hold for now.​

Led by Micheal Burkart and Erik Muten

Location: The State Room,

Northampton, MA

In our life, we will encounter people who want to intimidate, blame & shame, or coerce us into something that is against our self-interest.      


There are effective counters to neutralize these psychological attacks. In this workshop-laboratory, we use structures from martial arts and role play to investigate our options for holding our ground in emotionally violent or manipulative situations.       


This is a wonderful opportunity to work on a situation where you feel

disempowered. You’ll have the opportunity to present your situation  and

have Michael and Erik mentor you & model ways to neutralize and transform

the dynamic. It also works for your internal dynamics and neutralizing your

internal judge or bully.


Michael Burkart has spent over 40 years training daily in Chinese martial arts.

He uses these principles in his organizational consulting, diversity & social justice work.

Michael is Erik's Bagua teacher.


If you are interested, please contact Erik. 

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