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What Makes Relationships Cook?  

a workshop with Martin Ucik

An exploration of where you are going in your journey to

Love, Purpose, Sex, Connectedness & Resilience.


Amelia Perkins and Erik Muten of Kailo Mentoring Group will be teaming up with Martin Ucik to explore the many factors that contribute to conscious, juicy relationships. Come alone or with your partner to explore delighting one another and the world by co-creating healthy, sustainable love relationships with a shared sense of purpose.



Relationships at the Highest Potential Possible

Almost everyone wants a partner who is conscious, spiritual, a good lover etc. Martin’s work provides beautiful maps for looking at these areas with more depth and detail. We’ll be exploring levels of: consciousness development, sexuality, spirituality and anima/animus (our internal image of the opposite sex). AND you will also receive direction to identify and live your life’s purpose as well as how to co-create with a compatible partner at the level of all seven chakras!!

Erik and Amelia will also be providing more of the messy, real world relationship pieces including how to deal with triggers (even in wonderful relationships, messy issues arise!). And some juicy doorways into more conscious, pleasurable relationships.

Singles will be able to better identify a compatible partner. And singles and couples will receive tools to realize their potentials for growing, healing, and awakening in relationship.

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Erik Muten & Amelia Perkins mentor couples interested in erotic and deep partnership. They believe that being

in relationship is one of the best ways to learn, grow,

and become your unique self! They are students of Tantra and believe deeply in the healing power of pleasure.

This is at the core of all their work with couples... whether the couple is in a period when things are challenging or sublime!

Who We Are

Martin Ucik is a leading thinker in Integral and Conscious Relationships. He is the author of two books: Integral Relationships: a Manual for Men and Sex Purpose Love: Couples in Integral Relationships Creating a Better World.

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Workshop Details

When: Sunday, October 21, 2018 from 9:30am - 5:00pm

Where: The State Room - 35 State Street, Northampton, MA (entrance is down the alley between 35 State Street and the Indian Restaurant)

Costs: $350.00*

*First seven people get two tickets for the price of one.


Information and registration:

You can sign up and  pay via PayPal by clicking here:

Or you can sign up and pay via Eventbrite by clicking here:  

Please note: The first seven people get two spots in the workshop for the price of one. Two for one spots are still available! Simply email to let us know who you are bringing.

Feel free to be in touch with Erik or Amelia at about anything at all regarding the workshop. Or call Amelia at 617-233-3968.

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