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The Twelve Forms of Capital

is the wealth that matters

for a soul-infused life

The Twelve Forms of Capital help us map our understanding of the world.

The map clarifies that money is not the only form of capital flowing around

and through us. 


This map expands the concepts of wealth (and poverty) to include the ‘valuable

resources’ of personal connections, natural resources, land, knowledge, experience,

and more.


We believe that the Twelve Forms of Capital  are a comprehensive view of the wealth

that matters for a values-based & soul-infused life.

The Twelve Forms of Capital

The Twelve Forms of Capital Playbook

Click here to download the Twelve Forms of Capital Playbook.

Reminder: you are expanding your idea of wealth and poverty. As you explore the different types of capital,

note where you are already abundant and where you would like to create more abundance.

Alignment of Your Ego and Soul:

Your Reason for Being

Our goal is to mentor you toward the best expression of your authentic self. The Twelve Forms of Capital is one of the most practical ways that we know to develop vision and goals in essential areas of your life. Our society focuses too much on the financial. While this is important, joy, purpose, and connection with yourself and others require transformation in a number of dimensions.

How close is the current story of your life, the life of your family or your organization to the center of the diagram? We believe that the closer you are to the center, the more your Ego is aligned with your Soul.


More on the Twelve Forms of Capital

To read an Overview on the Twelve Forms of Capital, click here.

To read about the Twelve Forms of Capital and Resilience, click here.

Notes & Sources

We have been inspired by the Eight Forms of Capital as described

by Ethan Roland and Gregory Landua, who wrote in the context of



To their list, we added Temporal Capital, Emotional Resilience

Capital, Intimacy Capital, Physical Health, & Pleasure Capital. 


After a discussion with Chris Martenson, we have also combined

Intellectual and Experiential Capital into Knowledge Capital

(as we only really know something when we engage our minds

and our bodies). After a discussion with Erik's men's group, we

separated Physical Health from Living Capital. We also separated

Social Capital into Intimacy Capital and Community Capital.

For more info, check out these sources: 


“8 Forms of Capital” by Ethan Roland & Gregory Landua 


Prosper!: How to Prepare for the Future and Create a World Worth Inheriting by Chris Martenson

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